Get To Know Me By My Playlist

Seriously. Everybody needs a hype song playlist. One of my favorite song playlists was inspired by a singer who has been crushing the charts since 1999. Girlfriend has had some personal and professional setbacks, to be sure, but most recently, she was doing a sold out residency in Las Vegas-one of the hardest tickets in town to get your hands on. Of course, I’m talking about Britney Jean Spears. I know, I know, she’s not the most vocally talented artist today, but I’m a big fan of upbeat poppy numbers and showmanship that makes me happy. We’re going to start with her, and you can take this as absolute confirmation that I took the inspiration from my blog from another song that will show up on this list. This starts every walk and workout that I do, because we all need to be stronger than yesterday.

I have been diagnosed with ADHD and struggle daily, so it’s never the wrong time for an extremely talented vocalist to repeat “focus” to me over and over again.

The next one is from a new artist, but I totally love the message of the song. As a white woman in her mid-40s, I can’t sing along to a lot of it, but you’ll love this if you want to get amped up. I give you: Lil Tjay. There’s a clean version if that’s what you prefer, but this Mama can still go hard.

With this one; of course I want to take a DNA test and find out I’m 100% THAT BITCH. Also, Lizzo is the hero we all need in these dark times.

You might be getting a slight female empowerment vibe here. I can’t say that songs by male artists don’t get me hyped up, and you’ll find some of them on this list, but woman power is really working for me right now.

Oh, look! Here’s a song by a man now! Like me, he’s been public about his bipolar disorder, although I don’t think he’s currently acknowledging. We’re both materialistic and kind of controlling over our spouses (first but not last apology to Mr. Selfish Mitch in this post), but him more than me, so, Yay? Or should I say Ye? Whatever. This is my jam.

I think we’re all ready to go from Ye’s intensity to No Doubt’s exuberance.

OK, now a turn back to the intense, but it’s great for getting motivated, and also amazing if you want to shadowbox and pretend to be a badass. I generally end up hurting myself and/or falling, but you do you. Also, if you haven’t guessed, I like the original versions better. You know, for the fucking artistry.

OK, now back to my ladies. For a while now. This song gets me through every fight with my husband, because I know that no matter what eventually happens? So what? I’ve still got my rock moves, and I might just never end up paying his rent again, and I’ll still be just fine. (Sorry babe.)


Back to my youth, No Doubt’s fun dance vibe, and terrible, terrible eyebrows. This song reminds me of being young and dating all the worst guys, but having a good time doing it, and especially the good time had bitching to my friends about it afterwards.

Up next, the completion of my Stronger trilogy, featuring Kelly Clarkson. I like certain words. Clearly.

Next we’re going into another banger, this time by Ariana Grande. This one really gets my heart rate up, and I’m not just talking about the guy in the video’s lips.

Then, we’re going to slow it down a bit. This song might not seem to make sense on this list for a lot of people, but it does for right now. I’m unapologetic when I’m in the right. When I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to say it, but no, I don’t apologize when someone does me wrong and then expects me to be cool with a half-assed apology or no apology at all. No thanks.


Back to my favorite genre of music, and something I hope everyone I love hears and knows every single day. I could do without the sad banging at the beginning of this video, but I love the stories P!NK tells in her videos.

Next up, we have the Queen Bee of today’s music, back when she was in a trio with other girls with amazing abs, they came out with this song, which is pretty damn good. Also, I admire Kelly and Michele’s comfort at singing endless “Ooo, oooh, OoHHHHHs” behind Beyonce and being happy with the occasional verse or bridge. All of them are talented. I wouldn’t stand for it, and my abs never looked like that.

This one has a great beat, but it’s a great message too. Girls, the boy who stumbles home from the bar at 2 am, or worse, regularly calls you and wakes you up to pick him up or asks if you want to chill is the wrong guy.  The right guy may do it on occasion, but not all the time.

In the same vein, I like to dance to this with my friend’s 3 year old daughter. I hope it gets through to her on a deep subliminal level. Plus, it brings back memories of great times with friends at Montana State University back in the day.

This one takes it back to the 90s as well but I love it. However, as I was listening to the lyrics the other day, I had to wonder…why in the fresh, steaming, pile of hell shit have things not changed since then? Eyebrows and low rise pants, yes, have changed for the good. Everything else? Not so much.

Let’s get back to having a bunch of fun. Pinks celebrates those who are wrong in all the right ways, all the underdogs, dirty little freaks, those who are too cool for school and treated like a fool, and I dig it.

This one doesn’t need anything but to say, not a damn thing. Also? Kinda want that tattoo.

This one…again. It’s 2019, and we’re dealing with so many of the same exact issues. It’s time to stop this crap. It’s also time to stop…and dance.

This next one is from a true groundbreaking rock goddess. In the 80s, pop singers were hitting the charts, but this woman is no pop princess. She’s gritty, real, and unapologetically herself. We can all take a cue from her here.

Beyonce is back, but this time on her own, as her stage parents always intended. Luckily, she’s a powerful ass woman now, and this song really shows it. She doesn’t even need incredible special effects like the rowboat we saw earlier in Survivor.

Ok, let’s make this clear. This is still Mitch’s Hype list, not Mitch’s songs of empowerment list. This one gets me to the karaoke mic to the point that I have karaoke for it. I do not have a rubber catsuit, but it’s always something I consider. If you know me, you know I’m not kidding.

This one is here because I love a collaboration by talented women, and I also love that it’s more ok now for a woman to be publicly owning her sexuality in the 2019 than it has been since the sexual revolution of the late 60’s. I mean, people still judge them for it now, as they did then, but it’s becoming better. Better-ish.

I play this list a lot when I take a dance break at work. Luckily, I mostly work from home, or things would get really weird really, really fast. Doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t do it at work, but working from home gets me significantly less side eye.

One more Destiny’s Child, this time with a lesson we should all teach our children. Our daughters, because they need to know that they should be independent women who, even if they choose to be stay at home parents, that they need to have a backup plan and savings, and that’s it’s OK to choose not to stay at home too. We also need to teach our sons that it’s more than OK if a woman wants to work and have her own money, and that he needs to respect her decisions. I’ve also told my son that he’d make a great stay at home dad someday if he and his someday wife choose that, but he needs to have savings and a backup plan too. Equality, people.

Last, we’re going right back to Lizzo, slowing it down for us, with a song I just love because she’s insanely talented and this song makes me feel good as hell.

Peace, Love, Light, and DANCING,

-Selfish Mitch


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