So, What’s My Job, Anyway?

Since this site is all about supporting women in business, I thought I’d let you in on what it is that I do, and why I’m so passionate about it. I’m the VP of Strategic Growth for Curtis Johnson at eXp Realty in beautiful Chandler, AZ.

I’m the person who makes connections happen, and I totally dig it. Essentially, I help find amazing agents here in the Phoenix Metro area who want a lot of support in their career, leads, and even better, an education about how to do real estate at a high level and learn to generate your own leads. Finding people to do business with is crucial for longevity in this business wherever you are. These folks often join our team here. In fact, as part of my job, I’m doing a training for agents in our office tomorrow, and I’m super excited about it.

The class is not on Photoshop, to be clear. I agree with AC Slater here.


I also have the privilege of helping agents Nationwide and in Canada who want to really take their career to the next level with everything eXp offers, PLUS intense training from some of the top agents in the country, including Curtis Johnson and Jay Kinder. Helping people reach huge dreams is basically my dream job, and here I am. 

Basically, If you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, I’m a just a large munchkin who talks to you while you’re following the yellow brick road, making sure what you find at the end will be the right fit for your personal goals. The man behind the curtain is legit in this scenario, but he doesn’t give you gold. His specialty is helping you make you make it a lot of it for yourself if you’re willing to work.

It’s an incredible opportunity, and I’ll link to Curtis telling you more about it, but for now, since I’ve got you here on my blog, I’ll tell you my experience first.

Find out more about what I do here.

Link to Curtis Johnson Explaining our Model. Like it? Reach out to me.

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I'm a mom, wife, real estate recruiter, and I'm passionate about helping women reach their goals in business and in life.

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